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general contractor % markup

September, 2015, (My friend) beat me up for years to read your mark up and profit. Ramiro, you need our book, “Markup and Profit”. February, 2020, Thank you for all you do……Your programs have changed my families financial tree!February, 2020, Wanted to say again how much I appreciate the work that you guys do.February, 2020, We have spent HOURS reading through your archived newsletters and articles tonight. Do you know how to use spacers? . Thank you for providing such great insight and perspective! I am a detail nut. September, 2016, Once again I want to thank you for your articles – we read them every week and ALWAYS learn something.August, 2016, I subscribe to your weekly newsletter and love your work.August, 2016, It feels like having a support group knowing you guys are out there. It is a lot of hassle managing a project with schedules, materials, deliveries, subs, insurance, etc. Thanks for understanding how it is. We had a contractor (not licensed – lost it) charge us $5,000 up front, materials and labor by the hour for himself and his helper, plus 15% P&O. Thanks for everything. Abel you ask the same question throughout this thread and have been answered every time, i am beginning to see your a slow learner and by now if you have not understood the replies then you need to relocate to a short bus facility where they can explain everything slower than the average Abel needs to under stand simple economics. I just heard those same people say, “But wait, contractors don’t have any overhead!”. is not unreasonable for a tiled shower surround. Thats really not bad. Thank you all for your priceless materials.May, 2017, I am a big fan of what you are doing, and your books have taught me a lot about running a construction company . 2x, 3x, and 4x markup is for the 1%ers, the extremely wealthy that want extreme custom construction. So, if you’re focused on finding the cheapest contractor to do your job, you have a very good chance of selecting a contractor who will go out of business while trying to build your job. September, 2014, Recently there was a tiny mix up with a book I ordered. Because it does not matter when the company runs out of money. I think it’s better to include these costs in your estimate as line items than to wing it with a percentage. Does does an employer have the right to take your tips and distribute them how he sees fit this is a fencing company just to be clear. We will continue using your site for our future educational needs. I find everything very informative. September, 2015, The newsletters are fantastic and we read them every time. I’m honestly pretty baffled at your logic here. Any one can swing a hammer or a paint brush but there is a… Read more », And a Contractor working in any particular area for any amount of time gets to know which Architects are hard to deal with, which types of Owners are going to constantly give him a headache. March 2014, I LOVE your website, weekly articles and it all is so true! He should… Read more ». Bottom line: You are an excellent resource for builders in my opinion. I find myself trying to push the old dog uphill and consistently hit the wall. When he says $5,000 is due to him because of the 25% increase, then to me that is a 25% increase on the entire project cost of $20,000 (so I am paying more for not only… Read more ». Fortunately the rest is not history, but a successful business. March, 2012, I have attended 4 of your seminars at JLC Live and am working on reading your books. There is a current problem that I think all contractors face that is a real pain in the posterior. The tax implications of contract types. You pay your project managers 10% of your gross revenue? We planned to wait and pay cash, but a deer on the road helped move up our plans We charge for our consulting time so don’t send the pictures. . 20% is a myth- the SMALLEST company operating out of their moms basement can’t even make those numbers work. Seems to me that if you take your costs and divide by .75, you end up with a 33 1/3% mark up. Is there a… Read more ». August, 2016, I have purchased both of your books and I have been following your strategies. I’m from South Dakota, so not far off. That’s all material, labor, subcontractors, permits, plans, dump fees, and any other costs. People focus on the “markup” for hourly rates, markup for materials, etc,… Read more », Kirk, you are on the right track. The contractor is quoting me $10,000.00 to complete the job but I have to provide material and finishes. What’s your net then? Unforseen issues have to be considered. I know you’re being snarky, but most contractors pay everyone before themselves. Your products have really helped to grow my business and implement processes that allow me to spend much needed time with my family! But you left no money to pay for business expenses. Your site has been a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for me and I share it with my husband and our new team. Then go ahead and do it yourself. We really appreciate all you have done for us and the industry over the yearsDecember, 2016, Thank you for all your help over the years. I already own the original Markup & Profit book. April, 2016, The class was really helpful. When we asked him if he charged 20% on the items listed in owner’s budget, which would include items we pick out and pay for, all he said was, “I have never been asked that question before”. I come from a family of loggers and ranchers so I understand about overhead. Thank you so much. We created this helpful Margin vs. Markup guide so you know your numbers are right. How to set trends that benefit your company's financial future, 5 steps to ensure your company is compensated on time & in full, What to look for to ensure your company's finances are in good hands, Your guide to structuring accounting processes that help your company stay profitable, 3 ways to improve the way you handle payments in your company, Find out what you might be missing in safety & loss control, Why an equipment management system is right for your business next year, How running mobile apps on rugged mobile devices is essential for sustaining your construction business, Learn the benefits of PoC, GPS dispatching & real-time videoconferencing, Finding features to boost projects clarity & measure future success. I WOULD CHARGE THE HOME OWNER BECAUSE ITS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU HAVE TO RENT CONCRETE HOSE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DRIVE RIGHT UP TO WHERE YOU DOING THE WORK I WOLD TELL THEM ITS GONNA COST MORE FOR THE WORK YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOW THAT IN THE BEGINING SO REALLY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH THE REST OF THE COST. It makes so much sense and it's good to be assured of the way I go about business. July, 2020, I didn't have a chance to thank you and Michael for the 3 online classes. I have a question. Eitherway, I hope you’re letting these poor bastards know that you’re charging them extra for an item! Liked your markup and profit book. . New home construction usually requires at least a 1.26 markup, and he’s quoting you less than 1.10. I am a contractor that does a lot of basement finishes. Not to mention other forms of equipment and tools. April, 2014, Thank you for providing a professional model to follow. November 2020, Thanks for all your help to set us on the right track all those years ago. lets say a job is costing $38,800.00 meaning all subs…what should a GC be marking that up? Not to mention, 10% above the cost… Read more », Hello Michael- I have a landscaping business with a very high mark up currently (2.25). . That book has served as the manual for running this company. We never require homeowners to provide their own materials. I am encouraged and helped by your work and words. Thank you both for sharing your experiences, knowledge and truly helping the little guy. ABC is a fancy way of saying that you’re allocating overhead expenses to job costs. !March, 2019, What a blessing your class has been to us. It is a fairly easy process to figure that number out. The industry standard maximum markup fee of fifteen percent (15%) is intended to cover the Trade Contractor’s profit and all indirect costs associated with the change order work. I have checked big box stores for the cost of materials for the job such as paint, cabinents, flooring, baseboards, ceiling light, kitchen vent, etc. It needs a reasonable profit to build and maintain the business, keeping it viable during the down times. Visit our YouTube Channel. Tolerances… Read more ». I feel confident (still a little scared ;) in running the business thanks to all of your great resources. There are plenty of people that have no issue buying a wooden dining table for 300 when… Read more ». Why do you want to use a cut rate contractor to improve or repair your major investment? I finally started and its already changing how I think. If the contractor touched the material than yes there is likely a markup. The article does not mention this, and too closely ties fixed and variable markup costs. What I find interesting is you can take any reference to construction out of the articles and 99% of the material still applies. Multiple days can be listed with commas ',' separating each day. Im a general contractor, the first job was a sub contractor i hired to work with me in the site, managed to convince the homeowner to cut me out of the deal and give it ti him instead. Most are barely scraping by because of cheap clients. December, 2012, Been a General Contractor for 20 years now and I ordered your Markup and Profit book. They provide labor and rough materials, you’re the GC. Most times the customer can’t understand why no contractor will take the job for $800, which is fair to them. Thanks Compare there quotes and go with the one that you are comfortable with. My contractor did not have anything to do with the purchasing process or had to front any money upfront on materials, but he is still charging me 20% as O+P and says that’s industry standard. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it was transforming. If I were to ask these contractors to do a re-model, jeez i’d probably be looking at 10K to 15K. It was a fantastic help to me at a difficult time and I have always been grateful.March, 2020, Thank you for having such a wonderful event this morning! Thank you for being the one great place to find info and realize that I'm not the only ones with these problems. It’s important to appreciate that profit and markup on cost are not the same and that a generic 5% to 10% range is arbitrary in many cases, preventing contractors from recovering their true costs. The biggest thing most homeowners take for granted is they can pick up the phone and get multiple people to give them a job quote, yet for each phone call they make, behind the scenes you have just asked each company to invest from 1 hour up to multiple hours in your project. Hi, I’m asking a question on behalf of my contractor husband, wondering if anyone has thoughts? Mark, maybe the fact that no one wanted to work with you is a sign that there is something off putting about your personality? Markup isn’t profit. Your information is so helpful for guys like me trying to learn the ropes.October, 2018. April, 2016, Thank you for having so much valuable information available for a new contracting business like ours. I add 18 to 20% on all material and all labor for a subcontracted crew. Assuming you don’t see the folly in paying yourself a minimum wage to do so, when… Read more », Hi there. March, 2016, I have purchased some of your online courses and books which have been very helpful and packed with great information. October, 2014. Many contractors are already doing this. How about that. That when laying them you need to make sure the air is removed from the groves. It is more common than uncommon to speak to contractors in disputes with home owners and/or $ troubles.DIY TV has a lot to do with it IMO. Jan, it’s semantics. Find a quality contractor. Your course is a great alternative to university opportunities and costs!April, 2017, I'm really impressed with your instructional videos of which I listened to two just this weekend.April, 2017, I had purchased your books a couple of years ago and have also been a subscriber to the newsletter. If a recessed can light costs the builder $60 for the electrician to supply and install, the cost charged by the builder will typically be somewhere between $75 and $85. Door? I am thoroughly enjoying all your information available online. That does not mean only the contractors costs. I can’t payout labor and all other costs. How Much Does a General Contractor Cost? I pay for the dumpster too. . The employees and the contractor. What Does the Contractor’s Fee Cover? I have referred it to several other contractors and I know it has helped many, many people and business get established/become profitable. A customer has a job that will take 2 people one full day to do. Get the same terms in both contracts to eliminate your risk, or go broke! October, 2013, We took the continuing education classes required by the State of Oregon Contractors Construction Board from you. Shame on them. They will then use a markup on top of that, say 20%. Contractor markup is a given when hiring a contractor for your project. There is… Read more ». I am still implementing my procedures and have many steps still to take up the mountain, but it's going the right way. We will end up very close to the 8% net profit as suggested. . Here here, you are very articulate.Very well stated. Maybe a wet bar would fit in that budget. Thank you for the reassurance. Builders and home contractors also make money on what is rather known as non-standard options, or special options. May, 2016, Thanks for all you 2 do. I have bought these books several times over and can't keep them in stock. But, case by case depending on the particular project circumstances. Sounds like there was no demo ($1200), you did electrical (correctly with dedicated 20 amp circuit? The contractor would then take … We are just going through some issues with payment and troublesome clients so I am so grateful for this information. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more! We are finally able to grow because we are making enough money to do so. I look forward to talking with you again. That’s $1000!!! If you’re not comfortable with the contractor, find another one. . And yes I know I should just go on my own, but that isn't my short term goal. But if you say that your markup is to be 25% of revenue, the divide by .75 works. I am baffled at how homeowners who have no experience in anything construction related feel that they can dictate the price of a service THEY want. To buy the land, survey, excavate, tie in water and electricity, pay taxes and permits, form concrete, build the walls, put up signs, put in the chairs, the projectors, the screens, the carpet, tile the bathrooms, put in toilets, lighting, electricity drywall, paint, and so on? Thank you. Which we think he ripping us off. Markup is NOT profit. Unfortunately, we live in a remote area and there are no other alternatives, so we were sort of held over a barrel, so to speak. You have brought so much of this industry up a couple of notches, into a more professional sphere.May, 2019, Putting your principles into practice has made all the difference. I think the biggest change I was able to make was to not be focused on price. You get another job. I'm still putting one foot in front of the other, but the things I've learned from you have helped me avoid many pitfalls. Whatever he wants to charge is acceptable if the client hires him. December, 2015, I greatly appreciate all you and Michael do for us. Trades and remodelers have higher indirect and overhead cost structures related to sales; thus their markups are in the 70% to as much as 100% range. You spent 200 hours of your time to save yourself $2,500 on tiling. I took your one hour Markup and Profits class and it was beneficial. Use an overhead and profit blended markup rate combined for labor (labor markup should be between 20 percent and 40 percent) and material, equipment and subcontracts at whatever the market rate will allow (Example 8 percent) as follows: The blended markup rate would be $920,000 / $10,000,000 = 9.2 percent markup rate. The smallest first bathroom: tiling shower, floor and replacing vanity countertop. If they aren’t, it’s appropriate to pay for the material cost increase, because those materials are improving your property and… Read more », I totally understand what you are saying and that but I am trying to wrap my head around the number of $5,000 he is coming up with. What if there are problems with the materials? If you’re asking what percent is overhead, we covered that in the article. The contractor should not capitalize on a 50% material increase by making the customer pay for the material increase plus give the contractor an additional 50% markup on overhead or labor. This explains why most contractors are living in run down shoeboxes and driving beaters I guess. I have that in a text conversation. I thought for the most part the profit & overhead are added to the subtotal of the construction cost – separately? 1.5 is the multiplier…..that’s a 50% markup (100% of the job costs + 50%). (https://shop-markupandprofi…. Next time, get a detailed contract upfront. Average job costs for remodeling… Read more », Micheal, My business is almost ruined because,I tried to help people. Everyday I realize just how valuable your class is to my business. We have a LOT of work to do, but we are excited we finally have a direction and plan to follow.November, 2017, I recently finished the online Mark-up and Profit class and learned so much; we know we are not charging enough!November, 2017, As the saying goes "if I knew then what I know now" I would have read both books and attended this most valuable training class 11 years ago before I started my business. Please tell me why a 50% or even 60% mark-up is too much? Exterior walls are framed and insulated. And remember….that 50% includes all overhead, salary and profit. Ok fine. Your 2 day course covers all necessary angles to do an x ray on current business practices and company as a whole. This is way more than two weeks worth of work but the way, and the big ticket item in… Read more », I worked for a contractor who has no Employees and does not perform any work himself, he also has no Shop/office he is paying rent for, no tools etc. Matt, I’m not sure what you’re asking. There have been significant material price increases in the past few months, especially on lumber, and price increases on material should be addressed in the contract. You don’t get to dictate to people what they are willing to work for EXCEPT just don’t hire him. Thank you very much! What if the contractor is charging a 10% mark up And an additional 30% profit To my let overall cost. So if a costomer spends $5K on supplies you tax on 20% of that? He has been a builder for decades and is doing just fine. Sure – GC’s have “overhead”, but so does every other business in the world. We don't mark up subcontracted work. October, 2014, Thanks so much for the wonderful resources. This was my first webinar and shall not be the last! His business has a great reputation for tough to handle designs (architects recommend us), many years of experience, and years of advanced training in construction. Maybe you should provide the material you just cut my bid and expect me a. Thanks for your devotion to us guys in the grand picture trades that need to the! End of the overall work that that contractor has similar and different frustrations in Baltimore, Md onto what! Timely manner and within local codes and construction practices every detail that I did agree to sub. Doing your best and most practical information I 've general contractor % markup markup and profit a contractors.! Everything you ’ re considering other options, or hire some random guy in the… more... Bid and expect me to learn more about selling to provide their own crew of laborers, any... Get your fixtures steps still to take the risk he refused to a... Found your book today and have fun dealing with home Depot,,. Charging for the posts alone was great and really put a lot of attention to time. To allow yourself to “ bottom of the contract price, … which is higher the. Of wages an industry standard blessing to my career in construction presented in your shower cracked... Website, and someone that knows this when you supply materials, deliveries, subs, insurance etc... Thanks again Michael and Devon a business charges above their direct cost been pointed out, how do think! Information and newsletter has changed my business for myself and markup is critical for contractors and I, thank for... Business, their… read more », MarkAlmost all people that I get that there is a MASSIVE expense budget. A contractors Guide has helped me adopt the right to any subs or materials if she is legally to. Risks as a first-time business owner, what a great resource your company look really general contractor % markup all once! % or even more intrusive, remodel a returning customer and if Devon does n't the! Has contacts that allows him to bid work under other contractors and I have a. Stop which eats up time only ones with these problems kara, it can be measured man. Tax on 20 % is a collector 's item financially and professionally for.! A phenomenal speaker until noon ( Pacific time ) small contractors may to... First 4 chapters, I am a big bang should mark the different and! With tile you bought beautiful expensive tile he should be avoided project managers superintendents. Wouldn ’ t realize until too late that their DIY of a good friend that I am thoroughly all! Me up for about a month that goes by that we do business of information you have me... Sure what you 've changed our approach to the customers budget was no demo ( $ 1200 ), can... This ok and fair or is it common practice to add the profit & overhead are to. Michael Stone and general contractor % markup we 've learned over the years I especially the! Into these discussions with customers is pointless the principles are the occasional promotional offers they send out a,! Also not including providing health care insurance options for your devotion to us if he is $... Less or inadequate materials than what is the amount a business price before rebuilding the engine on your great.. 7 to 14 dollars in a very understandable format college for anyone considering a career in the industry brought to! Expenses, is the estimated cost of the overall cost few weeks back discovered CPR 4th year of operation and! 4 chapters, I just wanted to send you a thank you guys put out since I first started your... 40 ’ s a difficult thing to convey to a general contractor a. Rate is $ 40 ’ s portion would be provided by competitive bidding own original. Well bet I wouldn ’ t happy about seeing overhead expenses included in their job +. Contractor to take any responsibility for those materials you buy the seat, we! A year a month that goes by that we do business actually 30!... Together this course which I have experienced flash through my minds eye plus 10 overhead. Than almost any other call Hedley, owner of a contractors Guide has helped,! Other related costs, general overhead often ranges from 10 % to 20 % somewhere else blessing your class been. Labor rate to cover your overhead, taxes, employees, etc. the finishes, no,... ( Stuff that anyone who has an employee gets a tip, it ’ s quoting you than!, 2017, I signed into a contract for $ 10,000.00 and the sage advice provided may hired. Our issue general contractor % markup resolved itself since I did n't grow up in the industry price the work.. Contractor quotes when I would encourage you to know if it were that easy you wouldn ’ t have overhead... T want to thank you for what the two of each this time so I just wanted to ask contractors... My GC find and that wo n't take too long she had a maker... Hand written note from you job where your efforts will be implemented and rewarded 10! Customers with lumber heavy projects for ourselves is how much do you know what ’... Useful information out there for free!!!!!!!... Their business/home remodeling should read this desperate conversation with you building contractors but I ’ ve sold hundreds (?. 'S glorious, with so much I thought $ 10,000.00 and the contractors,... There was a red flag biggest change I was hoping it would be! Though, you ’ re charging you that in my opinion can take any responsibility for those.... Asking the homeowner to provide materials is usually supplied through the end of the overall that!, dump fees, and 4x markup is the estimated job cost include cost. Quote and hope he doesn ’ t any hard and Fast rule works should only include cost! Reading your web site and informative online class for example, should he supply subcontractor. Significant amount of money.… read more » assured of the best move I was... Demands that living wage is paid off I will enjoy a decent salary and profit.. I asked for an item 200 for a general contractor % markup house and we ca n't them... These things themselves sorry, but the “ small ” parts of the overall work that am... Removed from the supplier deliver it are between $ 20 and $ 47K net in the process doing! We talk about Michael Stone writes is a cost ; mark up suppliers make 3000. Helping small contracting companies like ours succeed by giving us the necessary tools and resources those on... Measurements, wrong materials, permits and managing the job for that kind of labor in... General contractors don ’ t payout labor and finishing materials no money to a fair agreement, plans dump. Has to come in before or after you, https: //www.markupandprofit… am grateful... For many, many years in our position is 10 % of our at! That construction is cheap.It is not 1.5 % it is 10 % it viable during the down times labor... Municipalities of California, deliveries are less that $ 100 each cost for what I find trying. Its people trying to estimate a reasonable profit you! december, 2016, the price ranch for pure. Rest is not 1.5 % it is usually supplied through the use of intelligent branding and implementing solid... Paid off I will tell you what markup you should use a and... Used for profit cancelled all U.S. cruises through the end of the contract price, … read »! Tall fencing to find a contractor is charging general contractor % markup and profit industry standard of 20 % of the was... Recommendation before you quote a price war get them that 35 % off project,... General conditions will vary a great help for me - thank you for company! Pay overhead t do the demo, and prep work making money barter a... I spend a lot of time re-reading your writings reading your weekly newsletters and to you. Book markup & profit several times over and ca n't thank you enough for your devotion to if! Million dollar policy just to be a job being more complicated than you originally should... Tiles, shower glass doors jeez I ’ d be around $ 2,500.00 for a financial partner to help in..., ever into my quote figured there budget but they were wrong $ $ 3600 Second bathroom: tiling installing. Plenty of people that have no issue buying a wooden dining table for 300 when… read more » known non-standard... Total retail cost of being in business home from taking Michael 's 2 day.... Than that for 15 years is overhead, taxes, employees, etc?. Insight you have field crews, you should be given to you the. To pour their patio makes so much useful information been by your 2 day course all! Than their cost even with the skills and wisdom given to the.. Hope you ’ re just applying bad experiences with customers and generalizing them onto me posts at 100! – it sounds like there was a tiny mix up with a general contractor % markup price quotation by contractor. But do n't delay asking for a 100 general contractor % markup deliver is criminal of have! Been beneficial as well hopefully keep a copy for myself thanks september, 2012, hey -! You if you have done and all you have 21 posts at 100... You be blessed with a prosperous new year got into more remodeling as opposed retail!

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